Hickory Bot Battles September 2021

It’s been over a year since our last bot competition (due to COVID) but we finally made it back out into the world!

This year’s competition at Hickory Bot Battles was amazing. Great venue, great coordinators, and it was fantastic to get the chance to see old friends in the bot community we hadn’t seen since before the pandemic hit.

There were Antweights and Beetleweights this year; with a healthy mix of new bots as well as classics. (Wheel of Power, I’m looking at you buddy!)

Below are some pictures from the event. I’ll post a link to fights as well.


The “pit”… Where the magic happens. 🙂
The arena of DOOM with everyone masked up and watching intensely!
Mark 5 of my 3lb Bot: Talos (angry eyebrows added for extra danger)
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