Hill City Robot Combat ’19

Vector Space in Lynchburg, VA put on another amazing “insect class” bot competition this year. Below are some of the team photos and highlights!

Great venue and great people! Props to Vector Space for an amazing event.
Julian and Jasper inspect Trooper in the pit.
Hydrate before every fight!
Trooper and Talos group photo (Don’t ask why)
“It’s game time…”
Talos bringing some spinny-spinny to the arena!
Antweight “Circle of Power” and builders (such a cool bot!)
John and Daniel hear a story about my favorite screwdriver…like, seriously…it’s an awesome screwdriver.
Some of the coolest Antweight bots at the event!
After the fighting, we all decided to take a nap in the arena pit.
“These are not the bots you’re looking for…”
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