Clash at the Creek! – 5/4/24 in Campbell University

Overview: Our first competition in 3 years! Holy moly! This was a multiple size/type event, with 1 lb Antweight, 1 lb Antweight Plastic, and 3 lb Beetlweight bots showing up here in NC. Massive props to Campbell University for doing an excellent job of organizing their first bot competition so smoothly! We saw a lot of great bots and drivers. Videos of a few fights coming shortly!

Lessons Learned: TPU Ninjatek Cheetah 95A filament worked really well at holding it’s structure and taking hits. The bad news is…it left Talos vulnerable to impacts “pushing” around internal electronics…like the weapon motor! That is what popped up the lid on a big hit in my first fight against “Cherno Alpha” (an excellent, sturdy vertical spinner). I was able to fix it but the weapon mounting was crippled after that hit… Lastly, “Eviscerator” (who I fought twice) succeeded in degloving my tire tread on both TPU printed tires. This bot packed a massive punch and left me crippled on my last fight of the day. As always… Win or Loss, it was a ton of fun!